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Substantial Presence Test

(the term every nonresident crewmember should be familiar with) By Tom Andrews, CPA Internal Revenue Service audits of nonresident crewmembers are rare however I recently consulted on an audit in

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Advance Child Tax Credit

By Tom Andrews, CPA Starting in July, taxpayers with children may have noticed a deposit from the Internal Revenue Service to their bank account.  These deposits may vary between taxpayers

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Travel Expenses

By Tom Andrews, CPA Prior to 2018 unreimbursed business related travel expenses might have been a tax deduction for both employees and self employed yacht crewmembers. Under current tax law

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Owning A Crewhouse

By: Tom Andrews, CPA While many yacht crewmembers have stayed in a crew house from time to time the prospect of owning a home has always been an attractive investment

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