Yacht Crew Payroll and Management

Group Health Insurance Plans for Yacht Crew


AvMar currently offers a choice of group health insurance plans for vessels and yacht crew on our payroll.  In this ever changing industry we believed that it was necessary to provide more than one health insurance option for our clients.  Both plans offer similar global coverage and competitive premiums and deductibles.

All enrollment and plan administration is well managed by MHG Insurance Brokers.  MHG continues to be a valued partner as they have kept us up to date on U.S. Health Care Reform and ensured that our offered plans remain complaint for our crew and clients.

IMG (International Medical Group) International Marine Medical Insurance is offered to our non-US registered vessels with three or more crew members.  Plan features include international service and assistance centers, an international provider network and emergency care, and direct billing arrangements.

The GeoBlue plan offers international expatriate coverage, a global network of providers, Global Employee Support and counseling as well as Wellness Coaching, multilingual staffed customer service, and Global Security Intelligence.

AvMar Payroll Services office staff and our partners at MHG Insurance Brokers are more than happy to assist crew with all facets of the health insurance plans.  We understand that insurance can be confusing and frustrating and try to make the entire process as painless as possible, from initial sign up to the submission of claims.  We encourage our clients and crew to call or email with any questions or problems that may arise.

If you have any queries about either plan, please feel free to contact:

AvMar Payroll Services – Kim Williams, kim@yachtpayroll.com, 954-523-4151
MHG Insurance Brokers – Mark Bononi, markb@mhginsurance.com, 954-548-3576


Questions about U.S. Health Care Reform?